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Besides franchising sales of our own brand “Guanshan”, we also provide OEM service for other suit brands with our superfluous productivity. Suits in other brands made by us have been well known and highly appreciated by our partners due to their excellent quality.

Years of OEM services have enabled us to set up a complete service system to provide all-round supporting services for these brands owners. In consideration of their different styles and positioning, we assign professional staff, who will follow up the whole process from plate making and style confirmation, to presentation and confirmation of materials, to sample making for customers’ order meeting, placing and planning of orders, production, delivery and selling of finished suits. With such kind of combined advantages, we share much work during production proceeds for our partners of different brands, so that they can focus more on the marketing and promotion of their brand. In our enterprise theory, we regard both “Made by Guanshan” and “Guanshan suits” as a brand.

We hope that through OEM we provide long-term suits making service with supplied materials for these customers and help them achieve greater successes in their business. We show our sincere wish for cooperation to all parties and at the same time we always believe that as long as there is same sincerity and trust both of our businesses will see a brighter tomorrow. Furthermore, we also look forward to having representatives from brands owners visiting and discussing with us.

OEM Procedures

1. Inquiry 2. Fabric analysis 3. Style confirmation 4. Sample suit

5. Sign agreement 6. Authorization certificate issued by brand owners

7. Bulk production 8. Payment and delivery of finished suits.

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