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Custom-made suits are one of the main business lines of Guanshan Suit Company.

Guanshan is equipped with advanced garment designing systems and production facilities as well as a professional size-measuring team. We always enjoy a favorable position in fields like company size, R & D, quality and service; and in the past years, we have produced thousands of sets of team suits for companies from financial, educational and air lines companies and governmental departments from various areas in China, which at the same time have accumulated much experience in serving the different customers. Our products and service also won us acknowledgement from the markets due their particular style and extractive techniques and our whole-heartedness.

Once ordering our custom-made suits, we’ll keep in close contacts with the companies or the persons in charge and provide them with a complete set of before-sale services like swatch samples, credit report, sample suits and size measuring service and arrange visits for our factory if necessary. For all suits made by Guanshan, we’ll also provide quality control following-up and after-sale service in a said period.

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