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Hangzhou Guanshan Suits Co.,Ltd. was established in 1986 at Wanshi Town in Fuyang , Hangzhou with a beautiful scenery and a kindly weather. The city is only 90 km away from Hangzhou City thanks to the rather convenient transport. More than 20 years of hard work has developed us into a powerful and professional manufacturer for suits.
Our management is based on the policy of “ respect for human beings, knowledge and introduction of technical and administrative professionals”. In regards of our productivity, we have more than 200 employees with daily production of 350 sets of suits. In addition, we also own a professional team for design, development, assembly production lines and marketing and selling.
In terms of production level, we understand the importance to keep up with international technologies, by combining special facilities and advanced techniques imported from Germany and Japan with our own traditional hand-made technique, which has helped maintain the middle and high level of our products in domestic markets. Our operation theory is focused on marketing through a combined strategy of custom making for domestic individuals and ready-made suits for overseas markets. We have developed a special measuring and suit making way, which has been highly appreciated by many customers and companies. Our service for China Airlines, Construction Bank of China, Daqing Oilfield, Hainan Shipping and other large-sized companies have also won their high gratitude. Meanwhile, with the right of import and export, we export over 60,000 sets of suits to the USA and Europe every year.
    Our quality policy reads as “Quality marked in heart, Quality reached in hand; Pursue excellent and continuous innovation”.
    We sincerely welcome all Chinese and overseas customers to cooperate with us and we’ll try our best to satisfy you.



Spirit of Consciousness: Noble and elegant taste, pursuit of fashion personality, refreshing and elegant, with high IQ, fashion awareness of life.

Applicable consumer groups: senior technicians, professional managers, advertising planners, brokers, free brain practitioners, civil servants, urban nobles, corporate elites, etc.

Lifestyle: Cruise easily in one's own complicated business and comfortable leisurely life, and appear to be able to do it with ease. Be willing to invest to build a self-image, pursue a noble and elegant life, behave as leisurely, refreshing and elegant, calm and calm, and have a rational consumption outlook at a reasonable price.

Hangzhou Guanshan Suits Co.,Ltd.
Hangzhou Guanshan Suits Co.,Ltd.
Hangzhou Guanshan Suits Co.,Ltd.
Hangzhou Guanshan Suits Co.,Ltd.

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