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1.Ask for and fill in the application form in detail

You need to fill in the application form in detail , prepare against and apply to join and act as agent to Jinwei companies.


2. Psychological preparation

You must have cordiality accept and try psychological preparation of new things, is it is it put into one belong to your own cause to plan to want even more.


3.Selects the shop’s site

Correct to choose address as you, you succeed in half, so, please confirm the shop where you like again , in the gold location , investigate the distribution situation of monopolized shop of other brands.


4. Fax or post relevant materials to the company

After you select site , will offer the specialized essential service to you in the Jinwei local provincial marketing centres, help you application form , shop photo and geographical position fax or post to Jinwei companies.


5. Investment that it is specialized to be offered by company and repayment

analysisReceive , analyse after your application, Jinwei local provincial centres will investigate to your place, according to the result of investigating, Jinwei will offer a specialized " making the investment and reciprocating and analysing " to you, fix the attorneyship fee and assign previous preparatory work.


6.Sign the contract and rent the shop

Congratulations, because of your outstanding ability, from now on, we become you intimate cooperative partner already, is it carry easy to give a written reply file and business license , official seal , legal person copy of ID card ,etc. file to ask you, sign " licensing the contract book of monopolized shop " with local provincial marketing centre.


7.Fit up and design

Is it after finishing , please rent shop level , three-dimensional under and standard size fax to the majestic marketing department of old and well-known family of gold to contract in you. The company offers the shop PIS image to you and designs the system free, the shelve trade mark , script in the shop are made in unison by the company.


8. Fit up guidance in the shop

The joining trader can apply to send professional personnel to help to guide and fit up the project entirely to the company , including fit up the expenses , recommend technological process , light assigning , furniture , Denso ,etc. in budget. Successful experience tells us , the nationwide unified image is the best propaganda result. So the company does not hesitate to invest a large number of financial resources , material resources , manpower , through having a monopoly in the image in unison, have a monopoly in the management system, improve the customer's satisfaction and desire to buy .


9. The shop confirming

Through according to " confirming the qualified form ", Jinwei will provide such legal files as the written file and " trust deed " or " certificate of authorization " of " agreeing openly " ,etc. for you, at the same time please local industrial and commercial bureau prepare against shelf , offer a powerful legal guarantee in local management of market for you.


10. Guide openly

One that is in near two weeks under being diligent and diligent, monopolized shop of you open a business. When the time comes , please fix open date half months ahead of time , notify the marketing department of the company, will customize a set of open schemes for you, apply to send a demonstration shop to help you to be a good shop assistant to train with the local provincial marketing centre long, goods display, sales field atmosphere assign, the opening scheme is operated etc. and coached and worked live. Will accord with Jinwei past styles in your monopolized shop when open , hold and liven up the outstanding opening activity.

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