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Join conditions

Join conditions

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Join conditions:

Possess brand awareness; give preference to people with good management experience on clothing store;

Have entrepreneurship and perseverance and skill to solve problems;

Know business condition, get along well with surroundings and have a good reputation and goodwill;

Be Healthy, diligent and studious and good at cooperation.


Funding Requirement:

The join merchants and franchisees shall have certain fixed capital and current capital according to the region and area of store applied to open.


Management ability:

The monopoly franchise applicants should bring your self-introduction materials, including management experience on men’s clothing or relevant industry and your achievement.

Agree with Guanshan Suit’s enterprise culture and management philosophy;

Possess good management and communication skills and ability to manage, guide and unite employees and ensure that investors personally participate in the management.


Requirements to store location

The store shall be located in local bustling commercial lot or in frontage of streets exclusive for selling clothing. As for management area, provincial-capital flagship store shall be at least 50 square meters with 2 or above stores (special store location for negotiation)

As for municipal and county-level management area, the width of shopfront shall be at least 5 meters; it can be adjusted in prosperous business district according to the reality. Series shop/shoppe shall be at least 30 square meters. The shoppe shall have at least five shelves.


Investment to open a new store

The first-phase shop rent, deposit, transfer fee and slotting allowance to shopping mall and etc. depending on specific circumstances

Joined deposit (refunded without interest when expires) depending on the actual situation; generally 20,000 yuan for a single store.

Approximate 20000 to 60000 yuan for indoor and outdoor decoration and props charges according to our decoration and furnishings layout plan;

Approximate 50000 to 120000 yuan for a single store’s first-phase distribution; approximately equivalent to: 1000 yuan per square meter in spring and summer; 1300 yuan per square meter in autumn and winter;

20000 to 50000 yuan for promotion expenses and current capital.


Requirements for image

The company provides professional SI manual. All stores must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the SI on decoration and props configuration.

Facade: base plates, logos, fonts, proportions, colors, outside lights and door-head position shall be unified with the company’s standard;

Indoor: ceilings, floors, walls, lighting, sound equipment, furniture, shelves and accessories shall meet company’s standard in order to create a beautiful, relaxing shopping environment;

Goods: with complete and abundant goods, clear division, scientific display, collocation and combination; meet visitor-flow line principle;


Requirements for service

On the basis of fully understanding the characteristics, function, maintenance and value grade of the products, you shall also provide good service, advice and help your customers timely in order win the favorable of your customers and overwhelm competitors;

Carry out professional appearance, standardized words, disciplines in store and forbid to use taboo terms;

Could solve troubles because of customers or the environment in a master’s attitude to maintain the brand image.


Planning promotion

The join merchants shall formulate annual or quarterly performance, image, service, promotion planning and submit to the upper management organization;

Participate in medium and large training activities organized by the company or franchisees.

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