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Sales strategies

Sales strategies

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Unified price:

The company uses unified retail price across the country.


Profit margins:

The company will provide discount of quite competitiveness to franchisee according to unified retail price; and the franchisees provide discount to the join merchants according to the company’s limited profit margins. Meanwhile, the company also sets out discount to join merchants directly under the company.



The company has launched different levels of incentives to motivate end-year total purchase amount reaching or exceeding company’s sales targets in the agent region. The franchisee will also launch a series of performance incentives for join merchants with outstanding performance. The company will additionally issue a one-time award to franchisees and join merchants with outstanding contribution to the brand or sales promotion.


Assistance to goods arrangement:

The join merchants shall arrange complete series products according to store’s reality. The company or franchisee will send professionals and give professional advice to assist join merchants to arrange products, realizing products of complete sorts without losing sales.


Supports on goods exchanging:

Every week the head office will send marketers to collect market information statements and the franchisees are required to submit it on time to assist the company to grasp market dynamics accurately, further arrange production and goods supply, goods exchanging scientifically, carry out market promotion timely and reasonably and finally achieve "balancing production and sales and reducing inventory (including inventory of franchisees).

The company will bring out new products for cooperation sale or trail sale timely and carry out 100% exchange policy on these new products.


Description to returns:

The company will only exchange or return goods with quality problem within the prescribed period.

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