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1、Assess the advantage of analysing in risk

How the position of the shop plays a role in holding the balance to the succeeding or not of a distributor . Good Fellow Garment, with professional experience, according to a certain concrete positions of bunk , flow of the people , surrounding environment , development prospect ,etc., put forward the concrete suggestion on deserving the bunk to investors joining it, help the persons who join to make the decision or not of the choice.

Fit up the advantage (the equipment of the monopolized shop is designed, designing and making supervising of the shelve) Good Fellow Garment offer unified shop image enterprise planning , unified decoration is it design to fit up , unified goods display necessary props; The company offers the design of the complete set and construction drawing for every monopolized shop, and can help the joining trader to select Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. , can send commissioners to check and supervise the service and quality of the project during project.


2、Manage advantage

The terminal management group with first-class of Good Fellow Garment Company, abundant terminal experience of management. Ones that it is each to be allocate company the saleses last team,with "for first,terminal station not decisive " aim, from market to sales field terminal display , respect offer omni-directional and complete services to joining trader and scientific guidance of serving etc., specially train and train fixedly irregularly and touringly joining trader and the staff at the same time .


3、Open to support advantage

To open every new shop, company send professional personnel is it responsible for decorate and display , show in the show window of goods of commodity section live to come to personally, participate in the opening ceremony. Meanwhile,it combine company grade provincial capital, at city level, county at city level and shop area, give the corresponding opening gift .


4、Advertising advantage

Good Fellow Garment Company responsible for nationwide advertising, including TV , newspapers and periodicals , magazine , signpost , lamp house , public service are supported etc., the company examines and approves the regional advertisement that is invested in unison at the same time, the company agrees on bearing some expenses according to the contract.


5、Promote the advantage

It follow every quarter new style is list,Guanshan Suits companies have a large number of propaganda supplies of (Guanshan Suits of house the special issue, POP, posters, promote product of) take place to every shop, offer and promote guidance.


6、Technological advantage

Is it " Du Peng " "GIOVANNI VALENTINO" with world famous brand for many years to have, have precise craft engineering level that bears.


7、Quality advantage

Through ISO9001 quality certification system, all products are examined through the national authoritative check organization .


8、Advantage of the order

Jinwei company hold spring and summer , autumn and winter meeting for the placement of orders two times one year. The amount of money of agent's order only needs to reach 60% of the actual sales volume during the meeting for the placement of orders, other 40% of the source of goods is guaranteed , have already guaranteed agent's sufficient source of goods by the majestic company of old and well-known family of gold, lighten agent's ordering and risk held in store again

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