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License the standardard management of transporation

1 、Manage the business activities that the tactics guide the joining trader with scientific and normal , systematic license

2 、Guarantee the franchises in the regional market of joining trader, if find that flees the goods, first, the Classic of the Virtue of the Tao is checked and verified the company punish severely the person who flees goods.

3 、There are products adapted to that is knacks that the retail business succeeds, on the initial stage of offering in the monopolized shop, the company will offer sales situation of the goods for the distributor to order and consult , combine and supplement the necessary others products at any time, namely mend the policy of the goods in so-called elasticity .

4 、On such professional techniques as general management and administration , financial affairs , propagating popularization personnel management , recruiting ,etc. and knowledge, when monopolized shop person who prepare to establish and open, company can according to the needs of it , offer the specialized guidance suggestion.

5 、There are specialized propaganda popularization activities , special popularization articles every season in the company, have gold majestic old and well-known family unique design of show window of style and furnish , offer by company, in order to unify the image.

6 、The company will be irregular to the agent , joining trader every year, will carry on professional training by stages and in groups .

7 、To the outstanding joining trader, the information that the company will have priority to offer the new products to appear on the market every year, invite him to participate in activity that the company organizes.

8 、During franchise operation of joining trader, the company exempts from its trade mark use fee .


The joining trader licenses and conducts standardized operation

1 、Must obtain business license , business liscence ,etc. to be legal to open the formality .

2 、Must unify the demand to fit up according to the majestic brand image of old and well-known family of gold and general headquarters strictly .

3 、License the monopolized shop and does not allow to sell other brands products , does not allow any channel not including the stock channel that the company appoints to stock up while selling the majestic products of old and well-known family of gold.

4 、In order to maintain the pricing system of the majestic brand of old and well-known Good Fellow Garment, ensure the common interests of all joining traders, must carry out the nationwide unified retail prices of the majestic old and well-known family of gold strictly in the majestic monopolized shop of old and well-known family of gold.

5 、Has not been licensed by the majestic old and well-known Good Fellow Garment, the joining trader can't expand the business trans-regionally without authorization .

6 、The joining trader is obligated to be fixed and feedbacking the information of selling in time to the company or the local provincial centre. 7 、The joining trader should safeguard the majestic brand image of old and well-known family of gold actively according to the regulation and demand of the company .

8 、Person who join must accept Company unified brand operation tactics and carry out according to the regulation (whether advertisement , promoting , important activity , relevant meetings train).

9 、The company will send people to the majestic monopolized shop of old and well-known family of gold to carry on performance review irregularly , to the incompetent joining trader, unstandard monopolized shop, the company warns, punishes until cancelling, to the outstanding joining trader, the company rewards certain material or cash.

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